The cherry blossoms are here!!

I love this time of year in Washington D.C.  The cherry blossoms are absolutely gorgeous.  Every year I try and get pictures of the girls and the blossoms.  Aubs was off of school for spring break so I thought that today would be an excellent time to take them down and do pictures.  The weather forecast:  rainy of course.  I woke up at 6 am determined to do these pictures today for 4 reasons: because we leave on Sunday to go to GA for spring break, tomorrow is the cherry blossom parade so it will be insane down there, by the time I get back they will likely be gone, and this will be our last cherry blossom season.  Well we got out of the house by 8:30 and by the time we got to West Falls Church metro it was full on thunder, lightening, and pouring so hard my wipers couldn’t keep up.  I am glad I didn’t turn around because due to that rain, parking was abundant–I was able to pull right up by the river next to the FDR memorial.  It was a light sprinkle when we got there so I snagged a few of the girls and then it started coming down.  We hung out in the car waiting it off.   I ventured out a couple times with Aubony and got soaked.  I finally decide to give up and of course the rain stops.  So I beg the girls for one last chance, as always I push it too far.  I grabbed Izzy and Livvy from their seats and tell them they don’t need shoes they can just walk barefoot.  I set them down in the grass and Olivia went into full on panic mode because she was getting mud on her feet. Well, it didn’t work out-but, Aubony got a great shot of the meltdown. It was fun though and I am happy we went.  Happy Spring–you Wyomingites, just pretend it is warm:}







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We got our orders. . .

John received his assignment on Thursday as to where our family will be assigned when he graduates in July.


We are very excited about it.  We are also very grateful we were not assigned to El Paso, TX.

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My sweet babies a year ago. . .

So I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything.  I reallly have no other excuse expect that I don’t think my life is that interesting and I have been busy.  One of the things I have been working on is trying to improve my digital scrapbooking skills, I really stink.  I am such a linear person it is hard for me to do layouts.  Well, I am working on a book for my families photos from last year–I am up to February, I have a long way to go.  While working I came across this photo and forgot how much I loved it.


It is amazing how much they grow in a year.  Izzy hardly has any hair.  Anyway, this was fun to do I learned how to make my own paper.

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Haircut for Aubony

Last Sunday I ended up playing “salon” before church.  This would be one way a person can be late for 1:00 church.  I started out by giving John a much needed buzz and then I sat Aubony down for a much needed trim.  I trimmed about 1 1/2 inches off and then Aubony asked, “if you cut my hair like Olivia will I stop having knots in my hair when I wake up?” I said, “well yeah ,but are you sure you want it that short?”  She said she did.  I was sad because if she would have told me before I trimmed there would have been enough for Locks of Love–but she told me too late.  Well we have 3 years to grow it again.  The cut was ok, but needed help. Thankfully the lady who cuts my hair fixed Aubony’s.  I think it turned out cute and now Olivia, Aubony and I have almost identical haircuts–yippee.

  • aubony-haircut2aubony-haircut11

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Fall Family Pics

This was a pretty crazy week.  I got to do exit polling for the election.  A guy I went to high school with works for a company that does the polling and he posted on our class website that they need people all over the U.S.  to do this.  I thought what the heck, I can get a new camera lens with what I make.  So I called him and all they had left in my area was over in MD, near Annapolis.  Now since when is a girl from Wyoming afraid of a little drive, it was only a little over an hour to get there.  So I went, it was really interesting and McCain actually won in precinct 12-07 in MD. Poor John is still working nights so he rearranged his schedule to watch the girls while I “worked the polls”  John kept telling this guy at work that I was going to do that and in the guys mind he was thinking, “worked the poles”, great huh. Anyway, so John is having to work for a while without time off.  He is doing all he can to prepare for the Fitness Test to become an agent.  I tell you I am impressed with all the push ups he can do.

We had a few cancellations this weekend for photo shoots so Amy and I took advantage of that and took each others family pictures.  Thanks Amy, I love them.  Here are a few.family12x16johngirls4x6







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What did I do to my children?

Hair Experimentation

Proof that she is still cute and the curls came back.

Izzy loves to put on coats and shoes.  It doesn’t matter who they belong to.  This jacket obviously belonged to her eldest sister.

After submitting Izzy to that horror I decided it was Olivia’s turn and that she needed a haircut.  This experiment turned out much better.

Many suckers later–we were finished.  Good Job Liv!

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Aubony’s 8th Birthday

I’m on a roll tonight.  I just finished a page for Aubony’s birthday as well.  Aubony’s party was in August.  We took a few of her friends to the local water park.  It is a really cute little place that is just right for that age.  I will tell you I had a bit of a panic attack as the parents dropped off their girls and I realized I was in charge of 5- 8 year old girls and my two younger ones as well.  John of course was there to help, so that made it a  easier.  I was very proud of Aubony, when we were deciding what to do for her birthday we were talking about what she wanted for gifts Aubony was saying she didn’t really want anything and that she would like to adopt a dolphin–we have done this in the past.  So in lieu of gifts we asked for donations and Aubony was able to make a donation to the wwf and adopted a dolphin pod and a hummingbird family.  Anyway, good times were had by all.

Love you Aubony! You are such a sweet, smart, and helpful little girl.

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